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Green Haus Design Studio


Packaging & POP

We have extensive experience in packaging and POP design. And with POP technology consistently offering new and innovative ways to engage consumers at the point of sale, we make sure we stay up on the latest trends to create the best possible design for your brand. It’s sort of our thing.

Packaging and point of purchase design are very important when it comes to grabbing the attention of your customers. These displays are very effective selling points when designed correctly. About 76% of buying decisions occur in the store. Often, the decision-making process of shoppers does not occur until they actually see a product in the store. Therefore, the way a product is displayed and is supported by in-store marketing materials can often be instrumental in leveraging sales. Professionally-designed packaging and point of purchase displays are an effective marketing tool to capture your audience’s attention. Packaging and POP designs should express your brand and entice a sale within seconds.

We’re proactive thinkers. We create engaging designs so your brand can compete in a saturated marketing environment. We want your packaging and POP designs to illustrate your product’s message clearly and concisely, ultimately leading to stronger brand presence and more sales.

Our Packaging & POP design services include:

  • Shopping Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Package Design
  • Rack Cards
  • Table Tents
  • Countertop Display
  • Hanging Banners
  • Roll-Up Banners
  • Floor, Window & Wall Graphics
  • Menu Boards

At Green Haus, we create packaging and display designs fueled by shopper knowledge and retail realities. We also have a strong understanding of materials and manufacturing. Rest assured when you fall in love with the design we present, it can be produced, and within budget.

Wear it well.

Great apparel design is really made up of many elements. Not only do you need a solid grasp on design principles, but also understand your audience, wearability, cost effectiveness and the importance of branding. Green Haus Design Studio excels at these things. We believe t-shirts, hoodies and other wearables serve as valuable street marketing tools, delivering your brand’s message to the masses.