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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the overall image of a company that comes from an accumulation of experiences through all touch points. It consists not just of the company logo but also the stationery system, the marketing materials, the advertisements, the company’s online reputation, and even includes the way an employee answers the phone. These things establish your identity. Your goal is to make sure that each time a consumer is exposed to your company, a productive connection is made.

Any identity is built over time. It is the symbol or logo along with strategically designed marketing materials that will help guide and direct a consumer’s thoughts and opinions about your company. This image is the first and last thing that causes consumers to recognize or recall your product or service. So you want your corporate identity design to be noticeable, memorable, unique and most importantly, capture the essence of your organization.

An effective corporate identity design should be recognizable. It should be able to translate clearly in any size. Whether it’s printed in newspapers or magazines, or splashed on billboards, the design has to remain clear, unique and dynamic in order to capture consumer consciousness.

Green Haus understands that a successful corporate image also relies on well put together marketing strategies that will effectively spread the word about your product or service. We make sure that your corporate identity development is efficiently distributed throughout various media outlets, which will increase its recognition.

We can be with you every step of the way to ensure a successful and effective corporate identity design or simply give you the marketing materials that will allow you to reach your target audience and beyond.

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